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The Malcolm Pray Achievement Center fuels curious minds with experiential education. Our programs are designed to complement your curriculum and engage in the discovery of entrepreneurship and success.

​Students learn about entrepreneurship, innovation, automobiles, Malcolm Pray, and themselves.


Programs include:


  • Innovation Seminar - A micro-course for high school business students with Junior Achievement.

  • Malcolm Pray Speaker Series - Addresses various themes in automobiles, innovation, entrepreneurship and personal success. Past speakers include Tom Deierleine of Thundercat Technology.

  • Youth Judging - Students learn about judging classic and collectible automobiles by applying established criterion and standards.

  • 12 Steps of Success - Malcolm Pray’s enduring wisdom and habits for being successful. Practical wisdom and advice for anyone 9-19.

  • The Value of Money: Balancing the Wheels of Fortune - A young person’s primer in personal finance where students learn about the value of money.

Come visit, be inspired, and leave driven!

Please contact our Educational Director at (914) 234-2579. 

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