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"Kids connect to classic  cars, success at center"

by Maja Tarateta | The Record-Review | Friday, January 5, 2018

"The importance of "drive." It is the message the nonprofit Malcolm Pray Achievement Center in Bedford strives to reveal to young visitors 
each day through the story of a local entrepreneur and his classic car collection."

Download a pdf copy of Maja Tarateta's article from The Record-Review: COMING SOON.

"Lessons on Wheels - These vintage cars help teach history, biz skills"

by Michael P. McKinney (Rockland/Westchester Journal News USA TODAY NETWORK) | The Journal News: Wednesday, December 13, 2017 

"BANKSVILLE - Young people from Westchester and Rockland Counties sometimes take field trips here that would otherwise be the stuff of a classroom daydream.

Students enter a spcacious garage with a silver 1950's Porshe similar to what James Dean drove, a white Ford Thunderbird missing only 
its Hollywood starlet, and a red Jaguar XKE. A host of other rare cars, their prices in collectors' territory, are frozen in action around the room"

Read more of Michael P. McKinney's article online on the Journal News website: "Vintage car collection in Banksville is a class in entrepreneurship, history": 

"What is the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center"

by Maja Tarateta | Bedford Magazine: November/December 2017

"A warm and hearty handshake. It’s the beginning and end to every child’s visit to the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center, 
a nonprofit in Bedford that strives to inspire young people toward success, a career, understanding the importance of “drive,” 
and the benefits of entrepreneurism, all connected to a man and his classic car collection."

Read more of Maja Tarateta's article on the Bedford Magazine TownVibe website:

"Banksville's Pray Achievement Center Inspires Students Toward Success"

by Martin Wilbur | The Examiner: October 11 - October 17, 2016 | Volume 10 Issue 475

"Steer into a long driveway at 16 Bedford-Banksville Rd. and there's an impressive, well-kempt property with three white houses.

There are no visible markings on the structures set back from the road, but behind the walls is the story of a special man.

The Banksville property is home to the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center, a nonprofit organization established by Pray, a highly successful Greenwich, Conn. car dealership owner, after he retired in 1999..."

Download a pdf copy of Martin Wilbur's' article courtesy of The Examiner > "Banksville's Pray Achievement Center Inspires Students Toward Success" 

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