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Learn about the entreprenurial life of Malcolm S. Pray Jr., and receive a tour of the collection, and then review and discuss his 12 Steps of Success.

All visitors are greeted with a hearty handshake and warm welcome at the door.

At the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center, a typical visit has three aims:

  1. Learn about the entrepreneurial life of Malcolm S. Pray Jr (2 minute video)

  2. Learn about the history and design of cars (Guided Tour of two garages, 1 hour)

  3. Learn about oneself and one's goals (Review Malcolm S. Pray Jr "12 Steps of Success" 15-20 ,minutes)


Malcolm S. Pray Jr's 12 Steps of Success are all practical tips that a 9, 19 or 99 year old can do. They are printed on a plastic license plate and each visitor leaves with his advice in hand and a hearty handshake farewell.

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