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In 1955, Mr. Pray started as a car salesman in a small foreign car dealership on the Post Road in Greenwich, Connecticut. Adhering to sound business fundamentals, he grew the business to six dealerships and over two hundred employees until 1999. He was devoted to his employees and customers teaching them the core principles of success stem from Honesty, Integrity and Reputation. This personal method of working with his team gained him a national reputation for excellence. In 1999, he sold his business so he could create the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center where his legacy continues to inspire many young people today. Teaching them the value in making goals and working hard to achieve these goals. The Malcolm Pray Achievement Center still uses his extensive collection of exotic vintage cars to incentivize young people with the desire to be successful.


Since opening in 2001, the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center has had over 7,000+ visitors who continue to learn about Malcolm Pray's message of encouragement and steps necessary to be successful in the world of business today.


Mr. Pray received many youth organization, civic and charitable awards for his efforts with local charities throughout his lifetime from the ; Greenwich Boys Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich, Greenwich Red Cross, USO of Metropolitan New York and the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce.


The Malcolm Pray Achievement Center that bears his name adheres to these life principles with an endeavor to teach them to new generations of children with each visit. 


Mr. Pray passed away in 2013 after complications following a stroke. The Pray Family Foundation continues to operate the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center so that we can continue to learn from Malcolm Pray's mission of inspiring young minds.

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