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“The Visitor’s Manual: Rules of the Road”

COVID Policies and procedures for our guest's and employee's health and safety:

  1. Masks:  All visitors must wear proper face masks, shields or mouth/nose coverings at all times. When needed, a free mask will be provided.

  2. Temperature Check:  Each guest’s temperature will be taken by a touchless thermometer. Guests running a fever will be asked to cool their engines and return another day.  Bottled water is available to minimize the use of the sanitized drinking fountains.

  3. Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizers are located at each entrance. Pump the hand sanitizer bottle for a dollop of cleanser and sing “Car Wash” until your hands are dry.

  4. Maximum Amount of Guests: The number of visitors will be 16 Max Per Hour.  All visits are by appointment only.  After each visit, the MPAC will be sanitized and the cleaning logged.

  5. Social Distancing: To assist in maintaining the proper social distance, visitors will be assigned a medallion from which they will start their journey.  Each medallion is 6 feet from the other.

  6. Registration: In compliance with NY State Contact tracing procedures, each visitor will log his/her contact information: full name, phone number, and email.

In addition to the visitors log, we maintain a cleaning log and an employee health and safety log.

The museum is cleaned and sanitized after each visit.

Any other questions please feel free to ask. A copy of these policies and procedures is available for your viewing in a print form at the museum. 

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