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Malcolm Pray Achievement Center Inspiring Youth towards Success

Malcolm Pray Achievement Center (MPAC) is an educational center for inspiring youth towards success, a career, understanding the importance of “drive” and the benefits of entrepreneurism. All of this is showcased through the life and career of Malcolm S. Pray.

Since 1999, over 7000 students from regional schools, colleges, youth programs, scouts, and individual families have experienced the interactive guided tour of a world class private auto collection coupled with a review of Malcolm Pray’s “12 Steps to Success”. Each tour is given by an in-house certified teaching professional with expertise in tailoring visits to particular age groups.

This past week the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center hosted three groups. St. Aloysius School (Harlem, NY) brought their entire 7th grade whose keen sense of observation was evident in their responses and questions throughout their visit. Following the tour, the Director and their teacher led a discussion on how the “12 Steps of Success” can be applied to their lives. Many students made connections to the principles and values of the “12 Steps of Success” and how it related to both their school and home life.

Next, the Stamford Girls Leadership Program conducted their second of three visits for the academic year. Guest speaker Mrs. Regina Simonetti shared her story from teenage years to how she became a senior CFO with the struggles, sacrifices and successes along the way. In turn, the girls shared with her their individual goals in academics, health, finance, interpersonal relationships and community service. Together, all participated in the role play exercises of “Etiquette: Presenting Your Best Self”.

Lastly, the Clubmen of Westchester-Higher Aims Program rewarded their high academic achievers with a field trip to the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center. These young men were engage in debating the merits of “Self Driving Cars” to harnessing the properties of graphene in automotive design. Coincidentally, they had just researched the material “graphene” and its myriad potential industrial uses. This lively exchange of ideas illustrated that Mr. Pray’s step, “Educate Yourself”, really works!

The Malcolm Pray Achievement Center is free and available by appointment only. If you have an interest in learning more or discussing a possible group visit please contact us directly at (914) 234-2579.

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